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A City Tour Guide For The Medieval Town, Regensburg- the UNESCO World Heritage City

Deutsche Bahn ride – From Ulm to Regensburg Our journey to Regensburg- the UNESCO World Heritage City started from Ulm. We booked the Bayern day ticket, which covers major regional transports. Catching an early morning train in Germany comes with many benefits. The first thing is that there will be very few passengers. So, with no rush, […]

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Mount Batur: An everlasting adventure on Bali’s Holy mountain

If you ever feel reluctant and question your ability, then don’t give up. Because the best thing is yet to happen.

Learning from Life

CoronaVirus- A story of Hope and Despair.

Hope and Despair are two sides of a coin. When you flip a coin, you always know that there is a fifty percent chance of getting either of them. So, what about if you become the coin and someone flips you? Have you ever thought about it? I guess none of us has thought this […]