About Meanders Quest

Hello! We are Supriya and Sameer. Meanders Quest is more than just a travel blog. It’s the journey of Supriya & Sameer to grow as better persons, break the stereotypes, and weave the dreams together. Come with us in our journey, to explore the various shades of life.

Let us give you a short introduction to our lives. Supriya is from Cuttack, Odisha. She graduated with a B. Pharm from BPUT. Afterwards, she worked as an assistant manager at Canara Bank for six years. That introduced her to travel around India. But something was missing, and she thought changing a job might be good for her. In pursuit of that unknown desire, she jumped into UPSC examination. However, she used to get bothered by one feeling that she was not giving her best. In 2018, she joined a meditation class and went to Rishikesh. That time she realised how much she loves travelling and writing. A year later, she changed her direction from UPSC to travel blogging and photography. “Better Late Than Never”.

Sameer is from Angul, Odisha. Being born in a village surrounded by mountains and river, he was always a wanderlust soul. He did B. Tech from BPUT eons ago. He is still working as a software engineer. But that didn’t stop him from travelling. He is a biker, and love hiking. So, uses every single leave to explore as many places as he can.

Supriya and Sameer met two years ago through a matrimonial site. Though a predictable but the journey to marriage turned out to be the most unpredictable one. Even before socially tagged as a couple, we took our first trip together to Lansdowne, Uttarakhand. After that, we never looked back. We have been to eight countries together so far. Now, they are living in Germany taking one step at a time to discover their life journey.

Welcome to our storybook!

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