Who are Meanders Quest?

Hola! Welcome to our Travel and Photography storybook. But Meanders Quest isn’t just about travel and photography. It’s a Journey full of Life, Love and Laughters.

Hello There! Welcome to our storybook and thank you for stopping by. We first met online and planned our first meeting as a road trip. And, since that trip, we never looked back. So, it’s a fair answer when we say that travelling brought us together. Before this, we were busy with solo trips and trips with friends. We have been travelling together for three years now. Together we have been to 10 countries and over 100 cities so far. But, only during late 2019; we decided to start our blog “Meanders Quest” and pen our unique travel experiences for fellow travellers. Because we always wanted to help others travel in a meaningful and responsible way. Meanders Quest is not just about travel itineraries, but a storybook curated of experiences, budget travel hacks, sustainability tips and photo tours.

It’s about a journey full of Life, Love and Laughters. We both design our lives in such a way that fits none of the so-called definitions and perfections. We create joyfulness within ourselves because chasing outer-happiness fades away with time. We take each step as it comes and “LIVE JOYFULLY AT THE MOMENT” is our MANTRA for everything. This reflects in our travel and photograph stories. Here’s more information about us:

Meet Meanders Quest


Head Blogger

Who are Meanders Quest
Supriya in Bali, Seminyak

I am Supriya from the “Silver City” of Odisha. I lived in my hometown until my graduation in Pharmacy. Then I moved to Goa, for my first Job in the Pharmaceutical Company. Later, I quit and joined the Govt. Banking Sector. But throughout my pharmaceutical and banking career, I struggled with the mundane lifestyle.

I never enjoyed spending my valuable time working my way around the traditional career path. I would often question myself and convince myself to stay happy. But that happiness always faded away after a few days.

In 2013, I made my first solo trip to Siliguri, in West Bengal. I loved the experience with people, nature, and wrote about it in my journal. What I didn’t know back then, was someday my love for writing and travel will become my full-time career. During this time, I started drifting towards Clinical Depression. But not until late 2017, I found out the reasons for my unwary behaviours.

In 2018, I quit my six-year banking career and never looked back. It disappointed my parents because quitting a Govt job in India becomes a big -deal. But I understood my dreams, and Sameer stood like a rock partner through all of this. I took the initial time to heal myself from CLINICAL DEPRESSION. Travel and Writing my experiences helped me in easing my pain. That one year was a life-changing experience for me.

I became a certified yoga practitioner, changed into the plant-based diet, adapted the traditional way of Indian cooking, and travelled to bloom as a LIFE. Meanders Quest is the outcome of our life-changing experience. I write most of the travel and photography articles on this website. I also take most of the photos.


Supporting Adventurer

Who are Meanders Quest
Sameer in Bali, Ubud

My travel journey started when I was only nine years old. I vividly remember my bicycle trips to the nearby river stream. Surrounded by dense forest, it created a spooky feeling in mind. But, along with my friends, I always went there. I felt good amidst nature; I guess.

I spent my childhood in many towns across Odisha. And such kind of bicycle trips continued until my collage. After graduation, my travel spree increased. During this time, I also developed an interest in photography.

I became an avid biker and did many solo bike trips in Northern and western region of India. But those trips were different; I mostly travelled to get lost in the wilderness and search my existence with nature. This made me understand and care more about Nature.

Post marriage, the bike trips continued with Supriya. We discovered our common way of travel and photography. The thrill of finding those hidden gems, never-ending bike rides, getting lost in nature is second to none.

I am glad that both of us became certified yoga practitioner, changed into a plant-based diet and enjoyed travel all along with a unique perspective.

I too love capturing sights and emotions from around the world. In recent years, as Supriya is taking care of photography, I am exploring the world of Videography. And I am enjoying it. I write some photography and videography articles on this website.

Our Travel Style:

We love exploring country in our unique way. We are passionate about slow and responsible travel, always look for unique cultural connections and spend time with making silly adventures. We mainly focus on BUDGET travel but without hindering one of a lifetime experience.

Beautiful Paths Never Lose you, unless you get lost in the beauty of paths – Meanders Quest

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  1. It’s so fascinating to know how you both met and decided to travel and plan life. I love the idea of couple traveling but being a single guy and one who is more into solo travel, it’s just an idea for me so far.

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