CoronaVirus- A story of Hope and Despair.

Hope and Despair are two sides of a coin. When you flip a coin, you always know that there is a fifty percent chance of getting either of them. So, what about if you become the coin and someone flips you? Have you ever thought about it? I guess none of us has thought this through. In the current scenario, coronavirus has flipped us like a coin to decide our fate. And all of us are aware of the result.

Today, the coronavirus cases have reached around 1 million worldwide. The situation is escalating with every passing hour. Coronavirus has brought the world into a stand-still. Governments have restricted civil movement, closed the Borders, people have been staying indoors, and the Travel Industry has become non-existent. Also, all forms of outdoor entertainments have closed, including restaurants and cafes. The situation is not going to be relaxed soon.

So, Shall we wait for the coronavirus to flip us? No! It will make us measurable and lifeless like the coin. What to do then?

The first thing to do is to accept your situation and bring peace to your restless mind. The responsibility to save humanity is on all of our shoulders. So, there is no point in denying that coronavirus won’t affect us. It might if we don’t follow the guidelines of the World Health Organization, governments, and research organisations. Wash your hands, stay safe, be responsible and care about the elderly, less fortunate and the ones with compromised health.

Whenever I face an issue that is not in my hand, I don’t sit around and wait for the worst anxiety to hit me. I accept the issue and responsibility to work through it. I engage my time in doing things that I love. This helps me to stay at the moment. 

The second thing is to take care of your physical and mental health. Exercise daily and put the adrenaline rush to good use. Meditate or do the breathing exercise to pump your blood with good hormones. As a blogger, I spend most of my time at home when I am not travelling. So, I do it daily to remain healthy. Also, it uplifts my spirits.

The third thing is that you are not alone in the war against coronavirus. It has affected the entire world. Somewhere people are fighting the coronavirus, some are trying to cheer themselves, some are facing the wrath of economic meltdown, and some are away from their family. The Internet is still there, so get in touch with your friends and family. So, cherish the moments of lockdown with your loved ones.

The fourth thing is that coronavirus has made the dream of getting time from our busy life possible. Although it has happened for the wrong reasons, still the time is here. So, let’s not waste it and invest in your passion. Now is the time to read the book which you always wanted, write the story which you left in the middle, listen to the songs from the playlist you created, experiment and sharpen your culinary skills.

With travelling and photography, my first passion for writing often suffered. So, I am using this time to finish the pending travel articles and posts. Reading a lot to brush up my knowledge. Therefore, I am not feeling lost. 

The fifth and most important of all is to devote some time daily to reflect upon your day. It is not that bad as you feel. You are not trapped. There are health workers, affected people and their families who are fighting the worst face of coronavirus. Express your gratitude to be able to live from the comfort of your house and help someone less fortunate than yourself.

I started doing this a long time back. Self – reflection has taught me many aspects of life, which I wasn’t aware of earlier. It has helped me to be a better person. I am not yet at the finishing point because there isn’t any. But every day, I am learning from life.

More than ever, coronavirus has brought the world into a single roof. Under this roof, we are hopeful for a better day to come. We are in this together. So, take good care of yourself and others. Live in the moment without waiting for the future.


  1. soumya ranjan dash
    soumya ranjan dash

    Kudos..well formulated thoughts here..

  2. Great piece of writing there!
    I truly believe that even though this virus is terrible and thousands of people are dying and probably couple of millions will get sick, we can definitely learn a lot from the situation it’s putting us in.
    It forces us to to think differently, to act differently and to change in a way that no one would have imagined we could, definitely not in such a short amount of time.
    Said this, I wish everyone all the strength and health. Stay strong and stay safe.
    And thank you @meanderquest. Keep it up.

  3. Hei described nicely. Self motivation is very essential for a person.

  4. So well written. Loved the intro para so much ✌?.

  5. I wish I could write like u . I have seen u growing . So realistic and thoughtful message. Keep on writing . My blessings

  6. Well written. We are in this together and we will get through this together.

  7. Oh…, it’s really very technical you make things under stand about corona virus negative and the positive effects.

    I thought every person should think and work like this only.
    Very nice thought……?

  8. Very thoughtful! Keep writing! ?

  9. I can vouch for all sides getting affected with it. In one, we have the dominating species on earth that was running amok ignoring all rules and signs of nature which was hurt. On the other we have Mother Earth, the only habitable planet which was degrading to the piling pressure from us, humans every day. Hope should always be accompanied but understanding, learning from example and situation amid lifting mood and mind with hope is just part of life. I know many are suffering at different levels but ya this is the time of self appreciation and self evaluation. Rekindle old passion, self care and easing various thought which can keep brain busy irrespective of it being positive or negative. Humans have survived many disasters, they come out strong after each situation. Will we understand from this & stop poking everywhere things should never be disturbed. I guess the message “Live & Let Live” is essence of the post corona life. Only time will tell that if we are truly going to obey it and make it part of our life or just carry on like we used to as if it never happened, thus ignore all signs. Wuhan Market is opened already, only this time they have restricted photography or any short of video recording there. Humans don’t change until it’s too late. Positive thinking want to believe we will understand but my mind says “NO”.

  10. Well said!!
    The way you portray the positive side of this lockdonw is so motivating.
    We are in such a situation that we can’t do anything about what has already happened,but yes we can fix the future, atleast try..
    And social distancing is the only option to keep the virus away…
    Well written ..keep it up….?

  11. Truly expository and expressive writing.Eagerly waiting for more travel blogging.
    My good wishes to you Supriya.

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